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The Thread

allow me to guide you with a detailed blog featuring the best tips in travel and food! Find detailed itineraries, day-trips, the best eateries, craft beer joints, wineries, and more!

The Creative

skilled craftsman in all things content, design, and planning. Creating content your audience can't help but do a double take on and planning events your guests will brag about!

Hi, i am Codi!

I am a Las Vegas native with a strong passion for travel with a large side of culinary adventures. My urge for travel and good eats, along with the constant photo capturing, led to @Local.Livin! This IG is covered with food captures from Las Vegas (as well as my travels) creating mouth watering experiences for YOU, my visitors. It wasn’t long before my captures spun into specialized content creation leading me to amazing opportunities with local businesses! Because of this... The Local Craft House gave rise!

The Local Craft House is home to The Local Thread and The Local Creative. You'll notice in both of these that I use "we" and "us" while talking about working together and/or during my adventures. This is because I am lucky enough to never be alone. No matter what, I am always surrounding by the best foodies, friends, and family. Together, we create the LCH! You'll especially hear about Charles, and often! He is my adventure partner, hand model, advice-giver, and a huge reason I am able to do all I am. 

Now, let's break down what you'll find on this site! 


With my background in Event Coordinating and Promotions, I realized that my urge to work with the community was stronger than to work in a corporate environment. Working along side amazing men and women, I developed an environment where my passions can flourish. It is a great honor to work with local businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada and beyond. Whether we are working together in a collaboration on The Local Thread or working with them on The Local Creative to help capture their story thru social media, design, and strategic planning.

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The Local Thread is a creative outlet to share my love of culinary, booze, and endless adventure. It was created to share travel recommendations within the States. The Local Thread will hold tips, reviews, and inspiration for your upcoming adventures. If you're looking for a daily dose of #foodporn, #craftbeerlove, and #hiddengems, then you have come to the right place! So make yourself at home, grab your favorite drink, and let's see what adventure we can dive into together! 

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