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Hey, it's me. The Local! Allow me to introduce myself & why The LCH exists.

Thanks for wandering over. I am thrilled to have you here, learning more, and ready to adventure with us. It is great to have you on the journey. But, I think it's only fair you get to know me a little more!

Here are some quick facts:

⋐ I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.

⋐ I have one sibling named Kyle

⋐ My Boyfriend, Charlie, and I have been together 10 years

⋐ I hold a BA in Psychology with minors in Neuroscience and Law and Justice from UNLV

⋐ I own 6 plants that I adore like they were my children

⋐ My favorites:

Color: Turquoise

Animal: Cow or Giraff

Activity: Kayaking (or shopping)

Food: Italian or Thai

Place: California or Texas

Drink: Stoli Raspberry Moscow Mule

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Animal: Dog

Music: Country

Having grown up with the Las Vegas Strip as my backyard, I understand firsthand the adventure that it includes. This city is not just about the delicious cuisine that steps out of famous chefs' kitchens at luxurious hotels. Las Vegas is not only about what we can do for the tourist that come into our town. Las Vegas is about the people that make up its community. The locals of, what everyone else calls, Sin City. The different cultures come together to make a mixing pot of laughter, local eateries, and traffic jams. The adventure begins and ends with the people of this community. With that, I realized I had a huge passion for sharing information, meeting new people, and exploring unique places.

So, allow me to tell you how Local Livin' came to be and why The Local Craft House was created. Let me break it down from the beginning!

A combination of friendship, great night outs, and long itineraries created the ideology behind the start of Local Livin'. The moment the idea came into my head was in 2015. We were in San Diego, CA with some friends, drooling over donuts from The Donut Bar. Two guys walked in with cameras and hand-held lights being led by, who I presume to be, a manager. They began capturing photos of each donut. Meanwhile, my friends are nudging me suggesting I start my own food blog. You see, I was as passionate about food as a high school quarterback is about his Friday night game. I was already taking pictures of my food, finding new local spots to eat at wherever we went, and I was the go-to girl for a night of plans. So, the second I graduated from college in 2018, I cooked up Local Livin'.

Local Livin' was the original, and still operating, Instagram that showed off amazing eats and exciting stops anywhere that we traveled. Quickly, I found myself fascinated with showcasing only the best local eats in town, and rolled over my travels to my personal Instagram. Due to the fact I was running two different Instagrams, with different names, I needed a site to house everything.

Which lead me to create The Local Craft House!

The Local Craft House is home to The Local Thread and The Local Creative! Inside the Thread, you will be able to find detailed itineraries and food recommendations from locations we have traveled. All in all - It's the blog! We have found that we thrive on being a local tourist in our home city. This makes us the go-to's for all things Las Vegas! However, we love to live like the locals everywhere we travel, making ourselves at home everywhere we go!

You may be questioning the website name I choose. Yes, it sounds like a brewery. Yes, it sounds like a thrift store name. Yes, I know we are on the web and not in a "housed" shop. So, let me explain;

Local (n.): an inhabitant of a particular area or neighborhood.

Craft (v.): the members of a skilled profession

House (v.): provide space for; accommodate.

An individual providing expertise on a specific subject in a designated area.

I am The Local.

My craft is specific to Social Media involving food and travel.

& this is where I house all the delicious information.

So hey! I am The Local - Codi! Your go-to, booze drinking, dancing when my taste buds explode from delicious flavors, foodie. I am a Las Vegas native with a strong passion for travel with a large side of culinary adventures. Thanks for being here and eating along!


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